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Wow! I Can See Physics (5 Titles)

Written by Zhou Shibing from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, this series introduces 10 core elementary physics concepts to children aged 7-12 through everyday phenomena and situations. It utilizes entertaining comic strips and panoramic illustrations to explain physical principles in a straightforward and engaging way.

Vol.1  The Actions Among All Things—Force and Motion
Vol.2  The Amazing Forces That Coexist—Electricity and Magnetism
Vol.3 The Wisdom that Changes Lives—Work and Machines
Vol.4 The Secret of the World in Motion—Matter and Energy
Vol.5  Seeing and Hearing the World—Light and Sound

Zhou Shibing is a Senior Engineer at the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has received multiple patents and awards.

Published by CITIC, 2024
48 Pages * 5 Titles, 210mm*285mm
All Rights Available

English Sample Translation Available