Flying Stars

Waiting for the Wind Together

A warm bedtime story for children to learn to live with themselves.

The little girl’s shadow was lonely and wanted to travel afar.
She tried to help her shadow, but she is not an adult and could not take a train by herself. Also, they couldn't travel through the plane because the shadow was too light to fasten the seatbelt. So, it was better for them to ride on the wind. While the little girl was waiting for the wind with her shadow, they played many games together.
When the wind finally came, the shadow didn’t want to go anywhere anymore, because they are already the best friends.
This is a story about having conversation with one's inner heart and teaching kids how to get along with themselves.

Recommended by the chief of Family Education Department, China National Children’s Center

Lixing Duan has published nearly 100 children's stories, including the Meow Roll Roll Coming series, the Bang Bang Teacher series, the Secret Diary of Cao Cao series, and the Junior Space Agency series. She has won the Bingxin New Writer's Award.
She not only writes children's literature, but also creates cartoon script for China Central TV, participating in the planning and creation of thousand episodes of cartoons such as The Big Head Son and Little Head Dad, Marshmallow and Mother Cloud.

Author: Lixing Duan
Illustrator: Yixi Yan
Published by China Children's Press & Publication Group, Jan. 2022
32 Pages

Rights sold: Complex Chinese

English translation available