Flying Stars

There Must Be
a Better Way

This series brings together the wisdom of successful people from all around the world in different fields to tell the story of their extraordinary thinking and problem-solving skills.

The series helps readers to see and understand knowledge in a broader perspective, guides them to explore themselves and the world in depth, builds a diverse framework of knowledge that will benefit them throughout their lives, establishes scientific thinking, develops independent thinking skills, and enables them to better face the rapidly evolving world and the future.

Book 1: A story of Lego
Book 2: A story of William Kamkwamba, the boy who harnessed the wind
Book 3: A story of Lu Yu, the man who wrote The Classic of Tea
Book 4: A story of Bruce Lee and his thinking of water
Book 5: A story of Amundsen, Scott and the South Pole
Book 6: A story of Chai Ze Jun, the man who protected numerous historical sites

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Author: Wen Zhang & Red Horse Children’s Book Studio
Published by China Children's Press & Publication Group, Jul. to Dec. 2022

56 Pages

All rights available

Book 1: A story of Lego

This book tells the story of how the world's most famous toy company came into being and how, at different times, this company identified shifting trends and actively innovated.

Book 2: A story of William Kamkwamba, the boy who harnessed the wind

This book tells the story of how William Kankwamba overcame all the difficulties he had faced in Africa and how did he harness wind energy to obtain electricity to help his local community. A wealth of knowledge about the use of wind energy is presented in this book.