Flying Stars

The wonderful change of the fallen leaves

Autumn is here. Put on your hat and be a magician. Let’s have fun by using the fallen leaves!

One day, the spider went to visit its good friend caterpillar. But the caterpillar stayed in its small house and didn’t come out. The spider performed magic outside to attract the caterpillar’s attention. However, the caterpillar still stayed in the small house. The spider went angry and left. It didn’t noticed that the caterpillar was also playing the same game together, only in a slower way...

In this book full of imagination, the illustrator used real leaves, so we can see different traces on the leaves, such as traces left by small animals, by wind, frost, snow, and even by human beings.

Shanshan Li is a children's literature writer. She has published more than 60 picture books and fairy tales including Bread Boy series, The Little Tile House at the foot of Micang Mountain, Today, Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so on. Her works have been twice selected into the White Ravens list, and have been translated into English, Korean, Turkish, Persian and other languages.

Qinqin Li, a picture book creator and illustrator, graduated from the Illustration Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in 2020. She wants to use paintbrushes to tell stories in ordinary life. Her works were exhibited at the 2019 Bologna Illustration Exhibition, Chinese Original Illustration Exhibition.

Text: Shanshan Li
Illustration: Qinqin Li
Published by Beijing Poplar Culture Project,
Nov. 2022
201*255 mm
44 Pages

All Rights Available

English translation available