Flying Stars

The Turtle Family Goes to the Sea

Spring is coming, and the turtle family wakes up from hibernation. They want to see the sea. Is the sea far away? What is the sea like? It's said that there are big fish with wings, small jellyfish floating around, and shy sea monsters ...

The turtles bravely marched forward, crossed the grass, crossed the pond, and climbed over the mountains ... Accompanied by families and friends, little turtle realized his dream of seeing the sea step by step.

The author spent 3 years to create this unique book with fabric and ancient dyeing techniques.

Selected in 2018 IBBY Honour List.

Zhang Ning once worked as an art editor. When editing books on traditional Chinese art, she entered the world of folk crafts and was deeply attracted by it. In 2009, she resigned and returned home to concentrate on waiting for the birth of her baby, and began to focus on and create children's picture books. Her work The Turtle Family Goes to the Sea was selected into the 2018 IBBY Honour List.

Text & Illustration: Zhang Ning
Published by Jieli Publishing House, 2018
240*240 mm, 48 Pages

Rights sold: Swedish, Arabic, Russian, Complex Chinese, Vietnamese

English translation available