Flying Stars

The Time of Bread

Childhood memories in the craziest Cultural Revolution years.

This book contains a selection of stories by the renowned novelist Tie Ning. Most are based on memories of her early years – when a little girl first tasted the bitterness of being deceived by an adult, when a father developed a strange enthusiasm for baking during the hardest years of his family’s life, when a cat came to the house unexpectedly and was cast out after four years. Those old days are brought back to life in nostalgic flashbacks so that readers get a sense of the smells and flavours, as well as the sentiments, bitterness and wisdom that grew over time. 

Selected in The White Ravens 2022

Tie Ning is the current chairwoman of the China Writers Association. In 2006, at the age of forty-nine, she was elected president, becoming the youngest writer and first woman to be honored in this way. She has won a national short story award at the age of twenty-five and is the recipient of numerous other literary prizes. Her works have been translated into Russian, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Vietnamese, and English.

Yu Rong graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Master of Arts degree, focusing on visual communication and design. The picture books that illustrated by her have been published in many countries including U.K, U.S, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, France, Sweden, and New Zealand. Her title Panda's Trail won the Best Children's Book Award from the American Library Association. She also won the Golden Apple Award at the 24th Bratislava International Illustration Biennale (BIB).

Text: Tie Ning
Illustration: Yu Rong
Published by Zhejiang Children and Juvenile’s Publishing House, 2021

138 Pages
10+ years old

All Rights Available

English translation available