Flying Stars

The Sunshine Journey

From the best seller author/illustrator in China, a story about an impossible dream and the power of friendship and determination.

Mr Bat lives in a cave near a tropical ocean where the sun shines, the water is clear and the scenery is stunning. But Mr Bat has never been to the beach in the daytime. He has only played on the beach at night and picked up some strange treasures. 
One day, Mr Bat opened a book and for the first time he saw the beauty of the beach under the sunshine. But for a bat who had never been out of his house in the daytime, everything was so scary. He could be sunburned by the sun, stared at by people, chased away, and it was not easy to return to the home.
Will Mr Bat fulfil his heart's desire? Can he finally enjoy his moment under the sunshine? This is a picture book about friendship and dreams, with simple but magnificent illustration.

Xiao Wu, a freelance illustrator and picture book author. She received bachelor degree from the Mural Painting Department of China Academy of Art and master degree from the Visual Communication and Design Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts. At first, she created children’s stories for her two daughters, but eventually found love and passion in making picture books.

Text: Xiao Wu
Illustration: Xiao Wu
Published by Beijing Poplar Culture Project,
Dec. 2020
210*247 mm
32 Pages

All Rights Available

English translation available