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The Silk Road Stories

From a secret that has been kept for four thousand years, to the road to cross the sea of death , all the amazing historical stories that happened on the Silk Road are included in this enjoyable book.

The Silk Road Stories is a collection of historical stories written especially for children and teenagers. For more than 2,000 years, people have left many stories on the road that are worth hearing.

In this book, children could find the nomadic tribes, conquering armies and desert caravans. They could also see the long trail of lonely footprints of travellers, pilgrims, explorers, and the cities that were once glorious and flourished, and the Maritime Silk Road in its heyday. Although the journey is not a comfortable one, it was exciting enough with trips over high mountains and crossing deserts. The author Xi Xia hopes that after reading this book, children will open the door to their own journey to discover the secrets of the world.

Xi Xia studied Chinese in Fudan University. She has spent many years editing travelling magazines and now she writes fictions, essays and reviews.

Author: Xi Xia
Published by Beijing Yuchen Culture, Oct. 2021
256 Pages
6+ years old
All Rights Available

English translation samples available