Flying Stars

The Red Rain Drop

A small red raindrop fell from the sky. It looks down, ready to color the black-and-white city.
Along the way, it was disgusted and frightened by people, but finally met someone who appreciated its beauty.
It slipped slowly into a flower pot, and all the petals began to turn red. At the end, all the flowers in the city became red.
Everyone is now looking forward to the next rain, and they wait carefully because no one would like to miss the colors in their lives.

English translation available

Reza Dalvan is an author and illustrator, winner of the Bologna Illustration Award in 2021. He has published over 20 picture books in Iran, Europe, the United States, Asia, and other places. He is living in Tehran, Iran.

Text & Illustration: Reza Dalvan  
Published by Oriental Babies & Kids, 2020

40 Pages, 207mm*235mm
All Rights Available