Flying Stars

The Old Tyre

A tire that once explored the world with a car was unwilling to accept that it became old, so it embarked on its final journey alone.

Along the way, it scared many animals until it hit a rock and lay down. However, from then on, it found out that it could bring happiness to so many people. Even though it can no longer travel, it has learned the true meaning of life.

Jia Wei is a picture book writer who won the Best Text Award in the China Original Picture Book Competition.

Chengliang Zhu, a world-renowned Chinese illustrator, has won the BIB Medal and was nominated for the IBBY Honor List. His work A New Year’s Reunion was listed as one of the 2011 Ten Best Illustrated Books by the New York Times. He is currently Deputy Chief Editor of the Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House.

Text: Wei Jia
Illustration: Chengliang Zhu
Published by Oriental Babies and Kids, Mar. 2021
216*272 mm
40 Pages
Rights Sold: Korean

English Translation Available