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The Magic Canvas (Yulu Linen)

2021 Bologna Ragazzi Award Fiction Category Special Mentioned
Yulu is a girl who loves painting.When her dad bought her a canvas from a famous painter, she was so excited that could not hold herself painting all day. However, at the very first, her self-portrait on canvas would silently disappear! The difficulties do not drawback the girl. Persistently, the girl finally got the approval of this magic canvas and drew self-portrait on the canvas successfully.Through the struggle and reconciliation between the little girl and the canvas, the story vibrantly tells the self-breakthrough of a talented young painter.

English translation available

Cao Wenxuan, born in 1954, is an acclaimed novelist of children’s literature, best known for winning the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2016. In 2015, Cao’s Dingding and Dangdang series was selected as one of IBBY’s Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities. In 2017, his book Bronze and Sunflower was selected as a Kirkus finalist and a NewYorkTimes Notable Children’s Book.

Suzy Lee’s books have been published and exhibited worldwide. She is the winner of 2022 Hans Christian Andersen Award. Born in Seoul, Korea, she currently lives and works in Singapore.

Text: Cao Wenxuan
Illustrator: Suzy Lee
Published by Jieli Publishing House
200*285 mm, 48 Pages
Rights Sold: English (Simon Schuster), French, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Chile Spanish and Brazil Portuguese, Turkish