Flying Stars

The Colourful Polar Bear

The polar bear living in the Arctic received an invitation from the penguins living in the Antarctic. They would hold a grand polar day party.
The polar bear really wants to go to the penguin's party! So, he dressed up and hit the road.
Along the way, the polar bear met brown bears, pandas, and colorful gummy bears, and painted himself in all the beautiful colors. It thought that with these beautiful colour, it would be popular at the party.
However, when swimming in the sea with the penguins, all the colors on its body disappeared. While the poloar bear thought no one would be willing to be friends with it, something unexpected happened...
The author tries to tell little readers that your experience is more charming and important than your appearance. As long as you are confident and sincere, you can make good friends.

English Translation Available

Shuanglu Yang (1997) has obtained a master's degree in children's picture book illustration from the Cambridge School of Art in 2022. Her graduation work were shortlisted for the 2021 Hiii Illustration Illustration Competition, and was exhibited in London, Cambridge, and the Bologna Children's Book Fair. She likes to use relaxed and even clumsy pencil lines to express delicate emotions and flowing atmosphere.

Text & Illustration: Shuanglu Yang
Published by Beijing Cheerful Culture,
Nov. 2023
40 Pages
All Rights Available