Flying Stars

The Child of the Night

A story about parent-child relationship with stunning mineral colour paintings.

In the beginning of the world, Night wandered around in search of something that she dreams for, even though she didn’t know what it is. She searched in vain, until she had a child called "Day". The relationship between them and the later inevitable separation made her understand the true meaning of love.

In addition, the book also illustrate the alternation between night and day. It incorporates scientific knowledge into the literary context, which makes it a rich, insightful picture book.

Wanyu Zhao is a freelance illustrator who specialised in mineral colours painting. She graduates from Savannah College of Art and Design, USA. She believes that creators can show strength and inspiration from nature to portray their inner emotions.

Li Chang, a children's literature author. He has a PhD in literature from Fudan University and teaches at the School of Humanities, Zhejiang Normal University, where he is a tutor for masters major in children's literature. He has written over ten picture books and translated children’s books from English.

Text:Li Chang
Illustration: Wanyu Zhao
Published by Pan Press, Aug. 2021
44 Pages
2-5 years old
All Rights Available

English translation available