Flying Stars

The Blue Elephant

The kindness in our heart is what matters, not the colour of our appearance.

The blue elephant was ostracized by his peers because of his special color, and therefore became the star of the circus. But its inner loneliness never disappeared until it met Little K, a boy who didn't care about its colour.
The blue elephant's color faded and it lost its job. Although Little K stayed with it and told it that color was not important, they eventually lost contact.
A long time later, the little elephant received a letter from Little K. It finally understood why Little K could not catch up with it, and why colours were not important to Little K.

Gao Yuan. Born in the 1980s, graduated from the Public Art Department of the China Academy of Art and the printmaking and sculpture major of the Versailles Academy of Fine Arts in France. His works have been selected for many exhibitions at the Le Musée Lambinet Art Museum in Versailles, France, and have been exhibited many times in the art exhibitions of the Academy of Fine Arts in Versailles, France. Now a professional illustrator, he has lived in France for a long time and is mainly engaged in illustration and cover creation of picture books and other children's books.

Text & Illustration: Gao Yuan
Published by Oriental Babies and Kids, 2020
200*282 mm
36 Pages
All Rights Available

English Translation Available