Flying Stars

The Big Ship

The big ship was once the only transportation for people living in a small fishing village. Thanks to fishing and the big ship, life in the village got better every day, and the small village became a big town. Fewer and fewer people need to take the big ship so eventually it was left in the port to rust. However, when a storm hit the town, the big ship became the only shelter of the villagers and it protected the people it loved once again...

English Translation Available

Huang Xiaoheng
is an author of children's books and a psychotherapist. 

Gui Tuzi is an illustrator and children's book author. She won the Ananas Grand Prix at the 2019 BIBF Anana Illustration Exhibition, and the Golden Award of China at the Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition at the 2019 Shanghai International Children's Book Fair. Her illustrations have also been selected for China's national illustration exhibitions held by China Artists Association.

Text: Huang Xiaoheng
Illustration: Gui Tuzi
Published by CITIC, 2019
280*280mm, 48 Pages
Rights Sold: Italian