Flying Stars

The Big Book of Animals

This is a set of encyclopedia animal picture books for children, which tells animal knowledge in the form of stories. While reading the stories, little readers can understand the habits of different animals. 
Approved by the Director of the National Zoological Museum of China.

Published by Oriental Babies & Kids, 2020
36 Pages * 16 Titles, 210mm*265mm
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Vol.1 How Dangerous!

Animals in this book: Dolphin, Cheetah
They are animals at the top of the food chain.
They still have to face many dangers and make great efforts to survive.

Vol.2 In a Dark Dark Night

Animals in this book: Mouse, Cat, Owl, Bat
Their bodies are light, their movements are quick, and their hearing is sensitive.
They appear in the dark, dark night.

Vol.3 Catch Me if  You Can

Animals in this book: Koala, Zebra, Fox
They have their own self-defense techniques.
In the long process of evolution, each animal has developed its means of avoiding natural enemies.
Color change, mimicry, poisoning, regeneration, pretending to be dead, escaping...
Which ones are they good at?

Vol.4 Together We Are Not Afraid

Animals in this book: Wolf, Penguin, Lion
Like humans, they are social animals and like to live in groups.
They have a detailed and strict division of labor internally.
Collaboration makes their survival more secure.

Vol.5 Jump, Jump, Jump

Animals in this book: Red-crowned Crane, Flamingo, Egret
They are wading birds or wandering birds that like to live in swamps, shallows and other places.
There is a dancer's grace in their movements.

Vol.6 Following Mom’s Path

Animals in this book: Ibex, Brown Bear, Tiger, Kangaroo
As they grow, they receive meticulous care from their mother.
Mothers not only have to protect their babies, but also teach them how to survive.

Vol.7 Having Fun in the Water

Animals in this book: Duck, Otter, Hippopotamus
Like children, they love to play in water.
They play in the water, hunt for food in the water, and raise their babies in the water.
They all depend on water.

Vol.8 My Good Friends

Animals in this book: Camel, Horse, Police Dog
They are animals tamed by humans.
They trust humans, live with humans, and work for humans.

Vol.9 Here Come the Big Guys

Animals in this book: Ostrich, Elephant, Blue Whale
They can all be crowned the "biggest" in terms of size.
One is the largest bird in the world, one is the largest beast, and the other is the largest mammal.

Vol.10 They Are Not Fish

Animals in this book: Octopus, Humpback Whale, Crocodile
They live in the water, but they are not fish.
Crocodiles are reptiles, humpback whales are mammals, and octopuses are molluscs.

Vol.11 Round and Round, Roll and Roll

Animals in this book: Dung Beetle, Hedgehog, Watermelon Worm
They all have a unique trick to survive, rolling. One is to roll the food into a ball, one is to roll itself into a thorny ball, and the other is to curl up into a slippery ball.

Vol.12 Loooooooooooong

Animals in this book: Giraffe, Anteater, Gibbon
One part of their body is very long.
The peculiar structure is their key to survive.

Vol.13 Laaaaaaaaaaaaarg

Animals in this book: Hornbill, Albatross, Squirrel, Pelican
One part of their body is very large.
Their seemingly cumbersome and large body parts have irreplaceable functions.

Vol.14 So Many, So Many

Animals in this book: Mantis, Ring-tailed Lemur, Spider
Let’s count together.
What is there about them that is innumerable?

Vol.15 Dig, Dig, Dig

Animals in this book: Earthworm, Badger, Pangolin
They like to stay in holes and underground.
Their eyesight is not very good, but their senses such as hearing and smell are very sensitive.
They are burrowing animals and have a knack for digging holes.

Vol.16 Ah, Ah, Ah

Animals in this book: Goose, Sparrow, Beaver
They keep making a Ah-Ah-Ah noice.