Flying Stars

Taking the Subway

There are so many different people in the subway!
Is the person with the big bag a world-traveling magician?
Here comes a lady in pink clothes. Is her home also in pink too?
Maybe the person who fell asleep could it be a koala?

This picture book about observing people on the subway tells what kids think. As long as you use your imagination, you can experience infinite fun from ordinary daily life.

Yeyebufeng is an illustrator graduated from Zhejiang A&F University major in visual communication. His debut work Hi, Botanical Garden has been selected to the Braw Amazing Bookshelf of Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2023.

English translation available

Text: Yeyebufeng
Illustration: Yeyebufeng
Published by Hangzhou MorningDeer
Culture, Apr. 2023

230*230 mm
40 Pages