Flying Stars

Suspension Points

A ladybug, a pool of goldfish, infinite stars, thousands of lives...
In this book, the suspension points are no longer just punctuation marks. With the fascinating illustration, we can see endless possibilities.

When you open the book slowly and read it quietly page by page, you will find the simplicity, infinity and strength of these six small dots.

Best Graduation Work of Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2018 New Talent Prize of Beijing International Book Fair Ananas Illustration Awards 2021

Hu Yifan, graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing, China), is now a freelance illustrator. He has won the New Tilent Prize of BIBF Ananas Illustration Awards in 2021. Suspension Points is his debut work.

Text & Illustration: Hu Yifan
Published by Beijing Yutian Culture, Jun. 2023
54 Pages
14*28 cm
All Rights Available

English Translation Available