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Sudan’s Rhino Horn

Sudan’s Rhino Horn is based on the true story of Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, who passed away in March 2018 at the age of 45. Revolving around Sudan’s horn, the symbol of a rhino’s existence, the story reflects the complex relationship between human beings and wildlife.

Yun Dai is an author of children's picture books. Her representative works include Sudan's Rhino Horn, Polar Bear Moving, etc. Her works has won the Hsin Yi Picture Book Award for Excellent Work in the Text Category, the Recommended Book of the 15th National Wenjin Book Award, the first prize of the 7th "Feng Zikai Children's Picture Book Award", etc.

Xingming Li, an illustrator and picture book creator. Born in Guangdong in 1993, he graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2016. He once taught at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. His works have been published in France, Japan, Russia and other countries.

Text: Yun Dai
Illustration: Xingming Li
Published by Beijing Poplar Culture Project,
Jun. 2019
250*250 mm
56 Pages

Rights Sold: Complex Chinese, French

English translation available