Flying Stars

Stealing a Sperm Whale

I finally saw a sperm whale at the aquarium! But it looked so sad. How can I help him? Right, let's help him get out of there!

A group of kids decides to steal a whale from the aquarium and send it back home, but how will they accomplish such an impossible task?

A fascinating story about the relationship between adults and children, man and nature, courage and imagination.

By the illustrator selected in the 2021 Bologna Children’s Book Fair Exhibition.

Chao Cui, is an illustrator who has won lots of awards in recent years. He has won Hsin Yi Picture Book Excellent Work Award, and his work was selected in the final list of the 2021 Bologna Illustration Exhibition. He was also shortlisted for the 5th Golden Pinwheel International Youth Illustrator Competition, and has won the Pineapple Circle International Illustration Award for many times.

Text & Illustration: Chao Cui
Published by CITIC, May 2022
204*280 mm, 48 Pages

Rights sold: Korean
English translation available