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Skipping the Rope!

A funny story that entertains parents and little kids together.

On a normal day, little pig was skipping the rope. How happy he seemed to be!
Soon, other kids gathered around and they skipped the rope together.  Then the adults wanted to join them too, because they wanted to have fun with children.
But what will happen if all the adults stop doing their job?
Can all the people have fun together like this forever?

This is a simple but absurd story. A group of people forget everything in their daily life and all they want to do is skipping the rope, without any reason. In fact this is what children’s world is like. Between the lines and illustrations, we can see beauty and touching emotion. Also, we can tell our kids that in adults life, there are lots of responsibility, so we can have fun with them for a while, but they will have to learn to be independent. 

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Text: Mao Xiao
Illustration:Yun Tang
Published by Zhejiang Juvenile and Children's Publishing House, Oct. 2013

40 Pages
2-4 years old
All Rights Available

Mao Xiao started his career as a children’s book author since 1988. He has finished more than 100 children’s books and his works have been translated to English, French, Swedish and etc. He has won Soong Ching Ling Children's Literature Award, Chen Bochui Children's Literature Award and eng Zikai Children's Picture Book Award for several times.

Yun Tang was born in China in 1973. She started her career as a author and illustrator of children’s books since 2005. She has published 7 books with Zhejiang Juvenile and Children’s Publishing House.