Flying Stars

Rousseau’s Forest

An ode to Rousseau.

When Henri Rousseau leaves his house to look for some inspiration, he enters a wild dreamland. In his dream, there is filled with animals, a girl, and beautiful moonlight.
He enjoyed the thrilled adventure in his dream. However, when he woke up, he could not distinguish between dream and reality.
A poetic picture book based on the works of Rousseau. This book encourages children to develop their imagination to the fullest and to realise their innovation as they play.

by the author of Key Colours Competition China golden Award 2021

Liu Hao, born in Nanjing in 1980, is a children’s book author and illustrator. His work Wrestler From the Steppe won the gold award of Key Colours Competition China 2021, and Camille's Parasol won the silver award of Key Colours Competition China 2019, all of which were simultaneously published in Europe.

Text & Illustration: Liu Hao
Published by Beijing Yutian Culture, Jan. 2022

210*285 mm
40 Pages
Rights sold: Dutch

English translation available