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Puppy's Journey

True record of a little Mongolian shepherd dog's journey from grassland to forest.

A little Mongolian shepherd dog was born in spring on Inner Mongolian grassland. One day, his owner drove him in a car all the way north to the forest of Greater Khingan Mountains, where he saw the snow-covered forest for the first time. Then following the reindeers, they came to Ewenki campsite. At night, the little dog can feel safe only in his owner's boots. The next day he got up his courage to know of forest. He watched the reindeers from a distance, and picked up the scent of wolves and lynx in the snow. Also he stood beside the young Ewenki hunter, and learnt to drive away the bears that covet the herd of reindeers. Gradually, he lost his fear and was given a name— Ayangkan, which means good dog in Ewenki.

The last snow of spring falls, and his owner is leaving. Ayangkan has to make his decision....

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Text & Photos: Gerelchimeg Blackcrane
Published by Yutian Culture, Mar. 2022

60 Pages
3-5 years old
All Rights Available

Gerelchimeg Blackcrane, a  Mongolian writer. The winner of “Russian Bianki International Literature Awards”, “Chinese National Children's Literature Awards” and “Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Awards”. IBBY Honor List Writer in 2020.

Blackcrane had spent over 20 years on literature creation, and had published more than 30 works, such as Black Flame, Ghost Dog, The Country of Reindeer, The Children of Wolf Valley, Blood Horse and others. His works have been translated into over 10 languages and sold more than 5 million copies around the world.

Now living in Hulunbuir grassland, Blackcrane raises Mongolian shepherd dogs and Mongolian horses on his own campsite and devotes his time to the optimal breeding of Mongolian hunting dogs. He gifts the young puppies to the pastoralists without asking for anything in return.

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