Flying Stars

One Day in Space (5 titles)

Within a 24-hour time frame, the author introduces 25 incredible spacecraft through imaginative stories. Giving each spacecraft a cute personality, the picture book series incorporates the latest aerospace knowledge into fun stories with beautiful, light-hearted drawings.

Vol.1 One Day in the Space Station
Vol.2 One Day on Mars
Vol.3 One Day in Space
Vol.4 One Day on Moon
Vol.5 One Day in the Solar System

Duan Zhang Qu Yi
Winner of several international and national awards, including the Most Popular Picture Book for Professional Participants in the 1st Little Hakka International Picture Book Award, the Silver Prize of the 3rd Alice Land Picture Book Award, and the Best 30 Books in China 2015. His popular children's science books have been translated into several languages and sold worldwide, including Nepal, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Published by CITIC, 2022
48 Pages * 5 Titles, 204mm*280mm
All Rights Available

English Sample Translation Available