Flying Stars

My Grandfather Is
an Astronaut

Author: Lixing Duan
Illustrator: Ke Wang
Published by China Children's Press & Publication Group, Jan. 2022

2-4 years old

Rights sold: Complex Chinese

My grandfather has left me for attending the astronaut training day program. He wouldn't take me with him because children are not welcome in the outer space. Children could be too naughty and squeeze the jam all over on the White-jade planet. But I know that Astronaut training is nothing but lying on a bed, being like a robot with many wires on his body, and people wearing white shirts around him. Why does the training take so long?

A little boy and his grandfather are best friends. They play games and talk about scary stories all night. However, one day his grandfather told him that he is leaving for a while because he has to attend the astronaut training program!
The little boy went to see him, but only saw him lying on a bed. The little boy believed that this is the training program and imagine that being astronaut means you can secretly having delicious food even when you are asleep.
He missed his grandfather so much, that when they finally meet each other again, he will give his grandfather a big hug and tell him that they should stay together forever and ever.

This is a warm and heartbreaking story of the love between a grandfather and a little boy, and the power of kind lies and imagination in overcoming unfortunate events when the grandfather is in hospital.

English translation available
Recommended by the chief of Family Education Department, China National Children’s Center

Lixing Duan 
has published nearly 100 children's stories, including the Meow Roll Roll Coming series, the Bang Bang Teacher series, the Secret Diary of Cao Cao series, and the Junior Space Agency series. She has won the Bingxin New Writer's Award.
She not only writes children's literature, but also creates cartoon script for China Central TV, participating in the planning and creation of thousand episodes of cartoons such as The Big Head Son and Little Head Dad, Marshmallow and Mother Cloud.