Flying Stars

Music in the Forest Series

The series contains four stories that take place in the forest. When different animals face different emotions, they choose to use different musical instruments to express their moods. Their music attracted more friends, and everyone gained friendship together.
The author's concise and warm words allow young children to easily understand the flow of the story and appreciate the connection between music and human emotions.

1. Spring’s Gift
2. The Magician from Antarctica
3. The Song of the Night
4. Little Elephant and the Apple Tree

By the illustrator selected into 2021 Bologna Children’s Book Fair Exhibition

Aining Wen was graduated from MA Children's Book Illustration in Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.She has also published several picturebooks of her own, including Fairy Song, Secrets of Traditional Chinese Musical Instruments, Goodnight Baby, and the Bologna-shortlisted Cello Swan.

Text & Illustration: Aining Wen
Published by Magic Elephant Books, 2024
32 Pages * 4 titles
All Rights Available

English Translation Available