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Mr. Fabre and His Insects Series

Serignan is a small town in southern France. In 1879, Mr. Fabre and his family moved here, where he completed his Book of Insects. The stories of this series take place here.

This series is a set of stories with vivid illustration, science knowledge and creativity. Through the stories, readers will learn about the wonderful world of insects, understand their characteristics and habits. Each book also shows what experiment Mr. Fabre has done and how he observed them.

1. The missing old snail
2. Steadfast Great Peacock Moth
3. Passionate Singer: Cicada
4. Brave Heroes: Mantis
5. The "timid" champion: Scorpion
6. Happy Music: Crickets
7. Strange funerals
8. Lucky Mom: Sphex
9. Lucky star in the countryside: Cabbage Caterpillar
10. Brave Little Scouts: Red Ants
11. Warriors in Armor: Beetles
12. The Story of Vespa Vera

280,000 copies sold in China

English Samples Available

Author: Red Horse Children’s Books Studio
Published by China Children's Press & Publication Group, Dec. 2018

40 Pages

All rights available

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