Flying Stars

Molly the Lonely

No one can be friend with everyone, but you will find your special one.

Molly feels lonely. She lives in a small special world where only kids live in stones. She wants a friend badly. So she visits other kids.
Some talk, all about themselves, which is kind of annoying. Some cry, until their stones are full of tear, which makes Molly sad. Some even trick all her candies and turn away.
The sky goes dark, and suddenly there is this beam of light. Will it lead Molly to a friend?
How will the world change when she has a friend?

English translation available

Gezi Cao is a writer and artist based in NYC. Her work spans a broad array of media—text, animation, water color, oil painting, and ceramic—that focuses on one central theme: the different ways that people experience loneliness. Her work for the coming show “American Experiments” at Smithsonian National History Museum 2017.

Text & Illustration: Gezi Cao
Published by Beijing Poplar Culture Company,
Jan. 2019
205*257 mm
40 Pages

All Rights Available