Flying Stars

Little Monster’s Garden

Rabbit-lettuse, rocket-carrots, snail-garlic...
So many bizarre vegetables to discover in little monster’s garden! And maybe, a bizzare but warm-hearted friend.

The little monster had a garden, where he planted many bizarre vegetables. The monster was afraid that the vegetables would scare the children, so he didn’t open it to the public. Surprisingly, the children sneaked into the garden and had great fun in it. The little monster just realised that his worries were unnecessary! Therefore, he set up a sign to welcome the children.

Everyone is unique. Having an open mind is the best way to make friends.

Recommended by the chief of Family Education Department, China National Children’s Center

Lixing Duan has published nearly 100 children's stories. She has won the Bingxin New Writer's Award.
She not only writes children's literature, but also creates cartoon script for China Central TV, participating in the planning and creation of thousand episodes of cartoons such as The Big Head Son and Little Head Dad, Marshmallow and Mother Cloud.

Author: Lixing Duan
Illustrator: Ke Wang
Published by China Children's Press &
Publication Group, Jan. 2022
2-4 years old
Rights sold: Complex Chinese

English translation available