Flying Stars

Li Bai, the Moon Chaser

Text: Xi Xia
Illustration: Chang Gao
Published by Beijing Yuchen Culture, Jul. 2022
156 Pages

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The Tang Dynasty version of On the Road, belonging to one of the greatest poets through out Chinese history.

Li Bai, also named as Li Po, is one of the most legendary and preeminent poets in China. He has left around a thousand poems, and many of them are still included in schoolbooks in China. His works has also been translated into numerous languages.

In this book, we will learn about Li Bai’s poems, life and find out why he has been loved by generations for thousands of years. The author Xixia described the romance and legend, freedom and unrestrainedness, loneliness and suffering of Li Bai's life with fresh and fluent words. We have a chance to read how Li Bai traveled through China in the 7th century, how he was favoured by the emperor during the golden time of Tang Dynasty, the wars and exiles he experienced in his later years, and his accidental death when he reached from his boat to grasp the moon's reflection in the river while drunk.

English samples available

Selected in the longlist of AOI World Illustration Awards 2022

Xi Xia studied Chinese in Fudan University. She has spent many years editing travelling magazines and now she writes fictions, essays and reviews.

Chang Gao is a Beijing based artist and illustrator graduated from University of the Arts London MA illustration. 

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