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Learn to Read Chinese

It’s never easy to read Chinese, even for native kids. This book enables children and adult beginners to learn Chinese characters easily in a context of fairy tales. 126 Chinese characters are well-explained and after reading this book, you will master the basic rules of reading Chinese.

Philosophical fairy tales and ancient, wise words are combined together in this beginner-friendly book. Bing Bo, a famous Chinese author, also called as "King of Fairy Tales" in China, has created 60 fairy tales, to help beginners understand the basic structure of the characters and the meanings behind them. With his stories, we can trace the origins of Chinese characters and experience the vivid creativity and imagination of the ancients. All the stories are full of imagination, bringing young readers both poetic and aesthetic enjoyment.

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Text: Bing Bo
Illustration: Shan Yu
Published by Beijing Yuchen Culture, Sep. 2019

328 Pages
4-8 years old

All rights available

60 fairy tales written by Bing Bo, the famous children's literature writer and "King of Fairy Tales.

Tracing the origins of Chinese characters, experiencing the vivid creativity and imagination of the ancients.

Learning how to write Chinese characters in the standardised order. All the horizontal and vertical strokes  reveal the beauty of Chinese characters.

Enjoy the beauty of Chinese characters in poetry and song.

Bing Bo has published more than 180 children's titles and more than 2,000 individual stories.

A number of his works have been selected in primary school textbooks in the Mainland China and Hong Kong.

His works have also been listed in the recommended books by the Press and Publication Department and the Ministry of Education.

He has received more than 50 awards, including the National Children's Literature Award, the National Book Award, the Song Qingling Children's Literature Award and the Bingxin Children's Literature New Works Award.