Flying Stars

If I am the King of the Earth

17 poems from the perspective of children combined with Matisse-inspired illustrations from the bestselling duo.

If I were the king of the earth, I would be fine no matter I am happy or not.
My friends and I will go on an adventure together. We will start from the kingdom of building blocks, climb over the mountains, and cross the sea.
Before going out, I want to tell my mother that I love you. I love you infinitely. I love you ten thousand and one times.

In these poems, you will meet the mother who smiles like the sun, the new friends at the kindergarten, the magical big whale and the red balloon, and experience the incredible adventure. This book invites all children and adults to discover the beauty of the world itself.

Wei Jie. Master of Arts. Love literature, read every day, dream deeply, and write about the splendor of ordinary life. She writes extensively, including children's poems, novels, prose and picture book stories, etc. Her works won the Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award for Picture Books and the First Xinyi Picture Book Award for Text Creation Award, etc.

Xiao Wu, a freelance illustrator and picture book author. She received bachelor degree from the Mural Painting Department of China Academy of Art and master degree from the Visual Communication and Design Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts. At first, she created children’s stories for her two daughters, but eventually found love and passion in making picture books.

Text: Wei Jie
Illustration: Xiao Wu
Published by Beijing Poplar Culture Company,
Mar. 2023
210*260 mm
56 Pages

All Rights Available

English translation available