Flying Stars

I am Hua Mulan

Communication between an ancient female hero and a girl in modern times.

In this book, the classical story of Mulan is retold through the perspective of a girl in present day. One day, the girl had a long dream about Hua Mulan, a famous female solider in Chinese history. She shared all the experiences with Mulan together. Like Mulan, she becomes a brave, strong, and goodhearted girl. She becomes Mulan in another era.

With more than ten massive fold pages and large-scale scenes, the ancient and modern settings echo to each other.
There are some little secrets hidden in the drawings, waiting to be discovered.

English Translation Available

Qin Wenjun, one of the most influential children's literature authors in China. She has started her career since 1981 and published over 200 stories and books.

Yu Rong graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Master of Arts degree, focusing on visual communication and design. The picture books that illustrated by her have been published in many countries including U.K, U.S, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, France, Sweden, and New Zealand. Her title Panda's Trail won the Best Children's Book Award from the American Library Association. She also won the Golden Apple Award at the 24th Bratislava International Illustration Biennale (BIB).

Text: Qin Wenjun
Illustration: Yu Rong
Published by China Children's Press & Publication Group, Apr. 2017
225*300mm, 59 Pages
Rights Sold: English (North America, South America, Mainland China), Spanish(North America), Arabic(Morocco), Chinese-English (Britain), Swedish, Danish, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean