Flying Stars

Hi, Little Rain Forest

Two little moths started their adventure at dawn. We can fly together with them to see the cliffs, valleys, waterfalls, and feel the changes of weather and time, and have a magnificent view of the little rainforest, which is actually a surprising friend that we all know. The author has set up an interesting trick, inviting children to guess who the "little rainforest" is.

The delicate illustration shows the beauty of the rainforest, so that children can feel the flow of time, think about the relationship between themselves and the world, and appreciate the magnificence of nature.

English Translation Available

Shanfeng Liu (1998) was graduated from the Picture Book Creation Studio of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2021. He has a sincere passion for art. He is currently studying rock color and color ink at Musashino Art University in Japan to explore the possibility of picture book creation.

Text & Illustration: Shanfeng Liu
Published by Beijing Cheerful Culture,
Jun. 2023
44 Pages
All Rights Available