Flying Stars

Hi, Botanical Garden

Text: Hu Zi
Illustration: Yeyebufeng
Published by Hangzhou MorningDeer Culture, Sep. 2022

200*285 mm
48 Pages

A journey through a botanical garden to appreciate the natural beauty of the four seasons.

The buttercups, magnolias and hydrangeas open one after another in spring.
The fireflies shine in pairs in the summer night sky.
The chestnuts and ginkgo nuts bend the branches in late autumn.
The snow comes as promised in winter and the plum blossoms bloom.

Even if we spend most of our time indoors, we are still a part of the nature.
Nature heals us, and we live with the nature.

English translation available

Recommended by Botanical Garden of Hangzhou City

Hu Zi, the co-founder of MorningDeer Bookstore and the children’s clothing brand Papa and Mipo. He not only loves designing and producing children's products, but also devotes himself to promoting the innovation and development of children's cultural industry.

Yeyebufeng is an illustrator graduated from Zhejiang A&F University major in visual communication.

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