Flying Stars

Here Comes the Blue

The last title of a series of colour.

What kind of magical things will happen when blue comes to you? In different places, for different objects, the function of blue is not the same. Sometimes sweet and sour, sometimes with fragrance. 

The whole book is full of tones, conveying a calm and elegant temperament that fits blue as a whole. This is also a book full of emotions. Through blue, it helps children understand the world, feel the beauty of the world, and create an emotional connection with everything in the world.

Mobilize all senses and perceptions, and go on a blue journey.

English Samples Available

Recommended by the Ministry of Education of China in 2021

Yu Zhang has studied oil painting and printmaking in Jiangnan University and Nanjing University. From 2018 to 2023, she hold numerous solo exhibitions in many major galleries and museums in Nanjing, and now she is engaged in children's aesthetic education. She has published 9 picture books and most of them are collaborated with CWI (China Welfare Institude).

Text & Illustration: Yu Zhang
Published by China Welfare Institute Publishing House, Nov. 2020

36 Pages
All Rights Available