Flying Stars

Help Grandpa Find the Lost Sheep

With the classic image of the little prince, the book expresses a profound theme: people always fail to find the nature of some things and are trapped in narrowness of mind.

Grandpa the shepherd has a pasture, where golden sheep of various shapes are living. One day, a sheep is lost. On his way to look for the sheep, the little prince is guessing the shape of the sheep all the way. He meets different animals and they share their different ideas of the shape of the sheep. They imagine that the lost sheep must look like something they're fond of. But when little prince finds the sheep, he notices that this is just an ordinary and messy one. He takes the sheep back to the pasture. Surprisingly, grandpa the shepherd shears the sheep and now it's in the shape of the little prince.
A book with imaginative shape games, inspiring children's imagination.

Mu Huo (Zhou Xueyang) was born in 1988 and graduated from Shandong Jianzhu University. He once worked in designing and editing, and now he is mainly engaged in writing and illustrations. He has published books such as Running with the Dream, Cat City in the Sky etc.

Text & Illustration: Mu Huo
Published by Magic Elephant Books, 2024
40 Pages
All Rights Available
English Translation Available