Flying Stars

Having Fun in
Four Seasons

Farming can be full of fun! A book that shows nature’s beauty,
and encourages children to plant some vegetables by themselves.

In a place called Magical Island, there lives Magical Little People, who eat what they farm. In January, they make fermented food in their warm home. In February, they make a hotbed to help the summer vegetables sprout. In March, the canola and radish bloom with yellow and white flowers. In April, they carry hoes to dig bamboo shoots and watch cherry blossoms bloom all over the mountain ......

Magical Little People harvest what they plant. They receive the gifts of nature and living together with it.

English Samples Available

Text: Ryotaro Kamijo
Illustration:  Jonathan Sauve
Published by Pan Press, 2023
80 Pages
All Rights Available

Ryotaro Kamijo, born and raised in Chiba, Japan, has moved to China for seven years. He was graduated from Narita University in Japan in 2009 with a bachelor degree in education, and came to China in 2011 to teach local farmers how to farm and using natural farming methods, and to teach farming lessons to kindergarten children. He and his wife have raised three children. He now lives in Songyang, Zhejiang Province, China.
Jonathan Sauve,  a freelance illustrator from France. He has been working on picture books for several years and has published a new picture book recently, L'enfant au pinceau. Jonathan's work is fantastically free in structure and bold in color, but often simple and thought-provoking in its core. In Jonathan's own words: his paintings are his dreams, his questions, and his best confessions and answers.