Flying Stars


Adapted from American author Ernest Thompson Seton’s well-known animal fictions.

Flame, the mother fox, was moving home with her two babies, but one of her babies was caught by hunter's trap. As Flame tried to save her kid, the hunter's dogs found her and kept chasing her. How would she come up with ideas to help her baby escaping from the hunter? A wonderful adventure of love and courage, with movie-like illustration.

Ernest Thompson Seton (born Ernest Evan Thompson August 14, 1860 – October 23, 1946) was an English-born Canadian-American author, wildlife artist, founder of the Woodcraft Indians in 1902 (renamed Woodcraft League of America), and one of the founding pioneers of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) in 1910.

Chengliang Zhu, a world-renowned Chinese illustrator, has won the BIB Medal and was nominated for the IBBY Honor List. His work A New Year’s Reunion was listed as one of the 2011 Ten Best Illustrated Books by the New York Times. He is currently Deputy Chief Editor of the Jiangsu Fine Arts Publishing House.

Text: Ernest Thompson Seton
Illustration: Chengliang Zhu
Published by Beijing Poplar Culture Project, 2022
205*257 mm
40 Pages

Rights Sold: Danish, Korean, English, French, Russian

English translation available