Flying Stars

Fairy Song

Once upon a time, there was a dense forest. When the wind blew, residents in the forest could hear gentle and beautiful sounds. The elders said it was a fairy song.
One day, fire came from nowhere, devoured everything and drove residents and animals to leave. The forest became a horrible place that no one would like to visit.
However, if you listen carefully, you would hear a slight but beautiful tune. It was from seven elves living in a glowing tree in a deep corner of the forest. Mystical forests are always protected by  them. And it was their music, to bring every one back to the forest again.

By the illustrator selected into 2021 Bologna Children’s Book Fair Exhibition

Aining Wen was graduated from MA Children's Book Illustration in Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.She has also published several picturebooks of her own, including Fairy Song, Secrets of Traditional Chinese Musical Instruments, Goodnight Baby, and the Bologna-shortlisted Cello Swan.

Author & Illustrator: Aining Wen
Published by Beijing Poplar Culture Project, Feb. 2020
40 Pages

All Rights Available

English translation available