Flying Stars

Everything is Changing

Night comes, the moon hangs in the sky. In the morning, the moon sets and the sun rises. Everything is changing.
Sometimes the weather is windy, sometimes not, sometimes cold, sometimes hot. Everything is changing.

This book has beautiful and ethereal language, tells the dialectic of the world and all things in the process of change, and tells the magic of life. The content has a philosophical meaning, while the pictures and colors show the beauty of the evolution of all things, as well as the vitality and prosperity of existence itself.

Yohan Radomski was born in 1972. After graduating from university, he worked at the Angoulême International Comic Art Center, engaged in the creation of comic scripts for youth periodicals. In 2008, he moved to China, participating in the creation of the French department at the Normal University of Harbin. In 2010, he became a professor of French at Fudan University and then at the Alliance française de Shanghai. Since 2016 to now, he is the manager of the French bookstore L’Arbre du Voyageur, a service of the French Embassy in China. He has also published several comics with different illustrators.

Chao Cui, is an illustrator who has won lots of awards in recent years. He has won Hsin Yi Picture Book Excellent Work Award, and his work was selected in the final list of the 2021 Bologna Illustration Exhibition. He was also shortlisted for the 5th Golden Pinwheel International Youth Illustrator Competition, and has won the Pineapple Circle International Illustration Award for many times.

Text: Yohan Radomski
Illustration:Chao Cui
Published by China Welfare Institute
Publishing House, Dec. 2022
38 Pages
All Rights Available

English Translation Available