Flying Stars

Don’t Let the Elephant Come into the Room

Vol. 3 of Da Wu’s Fantasy Trilogy.

A small elephant showed up in Da Wu and his brother’s room after their fight. No one wanted to compromise, so the elephant became bigger and bigger, until something dangerous happened...

In the story, the elephant is actually a metaphor for unresolved contradictions. The author is trying to tell the children about the importance of  forgiving and reconciling with others, otherwise many regrets will occur in our lives.

Da Wu,
whose real name is Wu Huachao, is a picture book author and illustrator. He illustrated the works of Keigo Higashino and other writers. His picture book, The King of Trees, was selected in the 2019 Top 100 Excellent Picture Books by dPICTUS, and exhibited at Frankfurt Book Fair. He won the New Talent Prize in 2019 BIBF Ananas International Illustration Exhibition with the picture book The Bird and the Statue. The copyright of The King of Trees has sold to Spanish worldwide, and The Walk to Danish. His work River Adventure has been selected in the 100 Amazing Booshelf Award Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2023.

Text & Illustration: Da Wu
Published by Jieli Publishing House, 2024
210*280 mm, 40 Pages

Rights Sold: Portuguese (Brazil), Korean

English translation available