Flying Stars

Detective Smile Series (5 Titles)

Five interesting and brain-burning detective stories, there will always be one that impresses you!

Various bizarre and tortuous cases happen around Detective Smile every day. If Detective Smile wants to solve the case, she must pass many tests. These tests are games that involve mathematical concepts, mazes, reasoning and other aspects, requiring children to use their brains and think carefully. The process of breaking through the levels is full of thrills, excitement and fun. Children can fully experience the joy of solving the case and the joy of success.

Vol.1 The Treasure Is Missing
Vol.2 The Magic Wooden Horse
Vol.3 The Real and Fake Melon Thief
Vol.4 The Strange Shadow
Vol.5 The Strange Big-Mouth Guest

Published by Oriental Babies & Kids, 2018
34 Pages * 5 Titles, 210mm*290mm
Rights Sold: Arabian

English Sample Translation Available