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Cough! Cough! Cough!

Cough! All the animals in the forest are coughing! They can’t take it any longer and they are determined to find out what happened.

Cough! Cough! Cough! is a book focusing on environmental issues. The air pollution produced by human’s excessive industrial activities has made numerous animals and plants suffered. This picture book takes readers into the nature to experience the sadness and hardship of the coughing animals. When solving problems and fighting against pollution with animals, readers can truly realise the importance of environmental and natural protection.

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Text: Zhi Han
Illustration: Fabian Negrin
Published by China Children's Press & Publication Group,
Nov. 2018

36 Pages
Rights Sold: Nepali

Zhi Han has published more than 10 books and won many awards, including the award of Bing Xin Children's Literature.

Fabian Negrin is a famous illustrator from Argentina. He won the Best Children's Book Award in the 2010 Bologna Children's Book Fair Non-sci-fi class, and won the Bratislava Illustrated Biennial Golden Emblem Award for One Thousand and One Nights and Love is Waiting for You. For four consecutive years, he was nominated for the Lindgren Astrid Memorial Award and was nominated for the Hans Andersen Award in 2014.

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