Flying Stars

China’s Old Folks and Their Nursery Rhymes

A comic book about the journey of an independent musician and his friends to find and record nursery rhymes that are about to be forgotten.

While generations of people are passing away and old nursery rhymes are disappearing, it is a matter of urgency to find them and record them for the next generation. Chinese famous musician Xiao He launched the project “Rhyme Search Project” in 2018, aimed at discovering old nursery rhymes from Beijing and other cities to give them a new life. This is a musical project to explore and recreate old nursery rhymes across the country, as well as a response to the current cultural and educational environment and the common doubts in the application of music.

After deciding to launch the project, Xiao He and his friends started on a long journey to find the rhymes. They met all sorts of olders, from Ms. Li, who had experienced war, to Ms. Wu, who had changed her life through the college entrance examination..... Xiao He found that no matter how old one is, how many difficulties one has gone through, he/ she can always sing out the rhymes they loved in their childhood.
Little did Xiao He know at the beginning that this journey of rhyme hunting would be about the tiny imprints of an era, the turbulent history of a nation, the scattered memories of a city and the short life of a person.

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Text: anusman
Illustration: anusman
Published by Beijing Yuchen Culture, Oct. 2020

358 Pages
All rights available


anusman was born in Fushun in 1984 and now lives in Beijing. He is a cartoonist, cartoon critic and researcher of independent cartoons. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University with a degree in printmaking, he studied in France for five years and received a master's degree in cartooning from the European Image Institute in Angoulême. After returning to China, he taught at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and finished his PhD study there. He is now a lecturer in comics at the School of Animation, Beijing Film Academy.