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Bobo's Daily Life Stories

12 titles telling daily stories of Bobo.

Little kids can learn how do deal with daily routine with Bobo together.

Sweet and simple illustration will attract their attention too!

1. Bobo wakes up
2. Bobo brushes his teeth
3. Bobo eats breakfast
4. Bobo in the farm
5. Bobo in the orchard
6. Bobo in the zoo
7. Bobo in the kindergarten
8. Bobo on the street
9. Bobo takes a bath
10. Bobo makes a snowman
11. Bobo is sick
12. Bobo goes to the bed

English Samples Available

Huiying Gong is a famous children’s literature writer and well-experienced editor. She has created many outstanding early childhood picture books in China.

Chao Wang, a freelance editor and professional illustrator. His famous character Bobo has been loved by Chinese kids for more than 11 years.

Author: Huiying Gong
Illustrator: Chao Wang
Published by Oriental Babies and Kids, 2017-2020

26 Pages

All rights available

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