Flying Stars


I love eating beans.Yum!
I love eating noodles.Yum!
I love eating watermelons. Yum!
But after finishing the meal, the body of a caterpillar turns into a pod. Spines of a hedgehog turn into noodles. Scales of a snake turn into watermelon seeds. How come?

Nominee, Biennial of  Illustrations Bratislava, Slovakia, 2017
Exhibition of Original Chinese Illustrations, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Italy, 2018

Sifan Yang. Picture book author and illustrator. He has devoted himself to publishing children’s books. He has illustrated or designed around a hundred children’s books and he was also an editor. Now he is focusing on creating his authored book. So far he has published 15 picture books. His works has been translated to Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Croatian.
Best Book Design of China, 2017
The White Ravens Catalog, Germany, 2017
Nominee, Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava, Slovakia, 2017
Exhibition of Original Chinese Illustrations, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, 2018 Annual Ranking List of Chinese Original Picture Books (TOP10), 2016 Awarded in the Ninth National Book Design Art Exhibition, 2018
Image of the Book Award, 2020

Text & Illustration: Sifan Yang
Published by Magic Elephant Books, 2017
36 Pages
All Rights Available English Translation Available