Flying Stars

Across the River

Author: Xue Tao
Illustrator: Anastasia Arkhipova
Published by China Children's Press & Publication Group, Jan. 2015

3-6 years old

Rights sold: Russian, Albanian, Persian,Laos, English (North America, South America, Korea), Spanish(North America, South America)

A warm winter story about survival and gratitude.

An old bear is confused when he wakes up in the middle of winter and finds a little bear snuggling next to him. However, soon he realises that it's rather nice to have a little bear around who can trek across the frozen river in search of tasty chestnuts. After each chestnut snack, the old bear falls back into a deep slumber. When spring finally comes, the old bear wakes once again. But where has the little bear gone? Readers will follow the little bear's journey that leads to a surprising ending!

English translation available

Xue Tao
is a well-known children’s Literature author in China. He is a member of the Children’s Literature Committee of China Writers Association. As a prolific children’s author, he has won many awards. Many of his works have been enjoyed and studied by middle school students.

Anastasia Arkhipova is a Russian artist. She has illustrated for many children's books in Russia and abroad. In 2003 she won the first prize in a competition for Best Illustrator for the Book of the Year. In 2007 and 2009, she served as an international judge at Biennial of Illustration Bratislava (BIB). In 2014 she was awarded Honoured Artist of Russia.