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A Maverick Piggy

A classic fable adapted from a phenomenal best-selling novel over decades.

In a farm, there is a little pig who is unwilling to stay in the pigsty, eating, sleeping and fleshing like others. Other animals and human beings think it is unique. They tried to persuade it to act like a normal pig, but it refuses to do that. It loves running and swimming, and it wants to live his own life...
This pig is indeed maverick. It is not waiting to be slaughtered like other pigs, but it longs for freedom. But think about it, is it really maverick? No, on the contrary, it is the only normal one. Longing for freedom and resisting death are instincts engraved in the bones and blood of every living being.
The book is adapted from Wang Xiaobo’s work, written and illustrated by Zhang Ning, whose work has been selected in the IBBY Honor List. 

Zhang Ning once worked as an art editor. When editing books on traditional Chinese art, she entered the world of folk crafts and was deeply attracted by it. In 2009, she resigned and returned home to concentrate on waiting for the birth of her baby, and began to focus on and create children's picture books. Her work The Turtle Family Goes to the Sea was selected into the 2018 IBBY Honour List.

Text & Illustration: Zhang Ning
Published by Jieli Publishing House, 2018
240*240 mm, 40 Pages

All Rights Available

English translation available